‘Intersections in Shakespeare’
The 4th Asian Shakespeare Association Conference, Seoul
5-7 November 2020

Asian Shakespeare Association conferences are now established as events that advance international Shakespeare studies in significant ways. The Seoul conference seeks to extend the field into 2020 and beyond by studying and promoting the combination of Shakespeare with intercultural innovation and creativity that forms the heart of Asian engagements with Shakespeare. In Seoul, our journey through Shakespeare will not reach completion, but will take many directions as different generations in academia and the theatre join together to learn from, challenge and inspire each other with new ideas and perspectives.

Seoul is an ideal setting as it is a dynamic metropolis where a rich history co-exists with ever-evolving modernity and bustling contemporary life. It is a place where one can enjoy the historical beauty of the Joseon Dynasty while moving through a maze of gleaming skyscrapers, a vibrant street culture, a movable feast of restaurants, bars and cafes from the traditional to the ultra-trendy, and a thriving theatre scene. Seoul is also a city in which cutting-edge technology is interwoven into daily life, with mobile technology central to everything from public transportation to virtual networks that embody the way that our environments are evolving.

Analogously, since Shakespeare was widely introduced in Korea in the 1920’s, Korean theatre has undergone rapid transition in both content and form. With Shakespeare and Western theatre somewhere in the background, one central concern of Korean theatre has been to redefine and explore what cultural integrity and identity consist in in a dynamic and changing environment. Creating harmony and balance as tradition and cultural modernity clash has been a central struggle in creative endeavours.

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